assurance that our products are free from defects, fit for use, and surpasses all statutory manufacturing national standards.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We take warranty seriously. A warranty is an assurance that our products are free from defects, fit for use, and surpasses all statutory manufacturing national standards. Unlike store-bought cheap wooden blinds which are commonly made of composite wood, Architectural Plantation shutters are 100% American lumber. As a member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute we subscribe to the quality standards outlined by the world’s leading recognized authority on woodwork.
  • In the state of Florida, Architectural Plantation Shutters is the only company that makes wooden shutters from real wood and the entire process is done under the strict supervision of our expert technicians and engineers. Other companies cannot offer the same kind of warranty because they order their parts from third party suppliers, many of which are overseas vendors.
  • Our window shutters are also designed to be structurally sound. Shutter corners are made with mortise and tenon joint construction. They are also dowelled, glued and screwed. This goes far beyond woodworking techniques used by artisans for thousands of years because of a flush-fitting design that ensures the strongest and most appealing construction possible. It’s a technique that demands precision in construction because you have to work at specific angles to achieve the ideal results. This is another reason we are so confident in our warranty!
  • AP Shutters uses a special waterborne painting technique with a 100% acrylic, environmentally friendly paint. It comes with a lifetime warranty from our supplier, the world’s largest chemical manufacturing company. They warrant that the paint will never yellow, peel, crack, fade or otherwise fail unlike other painted shutters we often witness. You will not wake up one day and find paint cracks in your Architectural Plantation Shutters.
  • We can offer limited lifetime warranty because we use the highest level of wood integrity for shutters, not composite wood. What is composite wood? Although they may look impressive, that’s all cosmetic. This type of wood is made of wood flour and fused with plastic. In many cases, especially if the product is mass produced in other countries, there is a high probability the glue used has high formaldehyde levels which can cause respiratory irritation and teary eyes. Formaldehyde has been tagged by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a “known human carcinogen.” Being a product manufactured in another country, they don’t follow the same strict emission standards that we have here in the United States. At Architectural Plantation Shutters, we would never dream of putting you and your family in harm’s way. And our warranty is proof that we stand by our products.
  • You can rest assured that with Architectural Plantation Shutters, you will not have to worry about warping and paint deterioration. In fact, we have yet to be called to replace products we have manufactured and sold to satisfied clients in the past 20 years due to warping!
  • Finally, don’t believe the hype that wood warps. With the right wood and proper care, shutters will last a lifetime!
Architectural Plantation Shutters custom shutter structure and painted finish are warranted against manufacturer’s defects for the lifetime of the buyer for as long as they reside in the home.Architectural Plantation Shutters will repair or replace manufacturer and installation defects at our discretion, free of charge. Warrantees are limited to: original customers with original purchase contracts; custom shutters receiving normal care and maintenance; and shutters remaining in their original opening locations. Manufacturer and installation defects do not include normal wear, minor fading, moisture damage, misuse, or abuse. Architectural Plantation Shutters are manufactured to industry standards. Minor imperfections or blemishes not easily noticeable under ordinary lighting conditions in normal installations are not considered defects. Warp of any component that does not exceed 1/32″ per foot will not be considered a defect.This warranty does not include any conditions or damages caused as a result from accidents, alterations, misuse, abuse, misapplication, exposure to the elements, fire, flood, improper maintenance, failure to follow use or care instructions, or acts of God. This warranty does not cover any servicing costs incurred for installation adjustment or minor repairs (such as staple replacement) or conditions characteristic to the product caused by normal wear and tear. Natural wood shutters with transparent wood stained finishes will fade and therefore no warranty is implied for these type stained natural wood finishes. A Note on Moisture Damage: Architectural Plantation Shutters custom shutters are constructed of kiln-dried wood containing no more than 8% moisture by weight. Kept reasonably dry, this wood will maintain its pristine state across a normal lifetime. Exposed to moisture, our wood tends to resist absorption as it is a close-grained wood and is finished with multiple layers of water-resistant paint and/or sealer. However, over time and with repeated exposure, even the best seals break down. The likeliest sources of repeated exposure include showers, sinks, open windows, broken window seals and air conditioning vents. Evidence of moisture damage may include swelling, cracked wood, cracked paint and discoloration. In extreme cases, hardware may rust and panels may no longer operate properly due to expansion or misalignment from swelling. Moisture damage voids our structure and finish warranties. Moisture-damaged custom shutters can be refinished, but the repairs themselves cannot be warranted as there are no practical methods for removing moisture from damaged panels.

Care and Maintenance

One of the most popular selling features of our plantation shutters is that, not only do they add a level of glamour and style, but the 100% acrylic painted finish is easily cleaned with a soft dust cloth or feather duster. A clean, damp terry cloth rag works well also. Regular, brief dusting as such will keep them looking good for as long as you own them. When it comes to keeping them looking that way after a period of time has elapsed, allowing enough dirt and grime to settle on them, our wood plantation shutters can be wiped clean quickly and easily – no risk of marking or surface damage – no need for tough detergents or scrubbing. Simply use a little Windex or non wax furniture cleaner like Endust, spray it on a soft rag and simply wipe until clean. There is little risk of you damaging the appearance. Architectural Plantation Shutters are made from the finest quality timber and components.
  • Rotate blades regularly. If blades do not stay in the position you choose, there is a #2 combination phillips/square drive adjustment screw on each side of the shutter. To increase the tension on the movement of the louvers, tighten both screws by turning slightly clockwise (about 1/10 of a revolution) until the desired resistance is achieved. Do not over tighten.
  • When bi-folding panels or if sliding as bypass, remember to close blades to prevent damage. Confirm panels in windows are properly fitted to catches or supports at all times.
  • Keep free of dust with a soft cloth.
  • NEVER use a silicon based product for cleaning your shutters.
  • Do not leave shutters wet.
  • You should receive a bit of touch up paint with your shutters. Repair damaged surfaces to prevent premature deterioration.
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