Month: December 2017

window shutters

Who’s Got Plantation Shutters?

Plantation window shutters can be traced back to Ancient Greece where they were made of natural materials like marble and the louvers were fixed. In fact, plantation shutters are defined as “window covers” to control natural elements like light, wind, and rain from entering the building or home and were typical in places like Greece …

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wood shutters

The Future of Plantation Shutters

There are some things in life that will never grow old or become passé – like wooden plantation shutters. Synthetic, aluminum, metal or vinyl window shutters can upgrade the look of the house but it fades in comparison to wooden shutters, especially when you come up close to the windows. This is why no matter …

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wood shutters

Wood Shutters: Not Just for Homes

The first wood shutters were made in England around the time of Queen Elizabeth I. During those times, shutters were made of solid wood and used indoor as an alternative to expensive glass panes. Plantation wood shutters, on the other hand, while inspired by European shutters, originates from the United States as breezeways for grand …

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